Cheapnews is a Usenet provider. A Usenet provider is often called payserver or news server.
We offer high quality Usenet access and affordable for everyone. We got our in-house knowledge,  that is necessary to provide good support.
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What is Usenet?

Never heard of Usenet? Usenet is a global platform where you can exchange messages. You can post messages or download. Messages are posted in newsgroups. It is a big library with a a lot of messages in each category. Usenet Provider Cheapnewsoffers you access to over 100,000 newsgroups. A Usenet provider offers a retention of a retention means how long a message on the server is a Usenet provider.

What is Cheapnews

Cheapnews is a Usenet provider and a Usenet provider offers you access to Usenet.
Chea[news offers a retention of 1300 days. We offer you great usenet at unbeatable prices, that is why we called Cheapnews.
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