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What time is the support department open?

Cheapnews Support is available 24 / 7. You can easily create a support ticket. Experience the quality and speed of our support team! Cheapnews provides the support in-house so we can quickly and adequately answer your question.

How do I install a news client and what credentials do I need?

During the install of your new client, you must indicate that u are using a secure/paid server. So you must check the option "Authentication required".

We have 2 types of products; block accounts and flat fee accounts.
The server details are different for these 2 products:

> When you are using a block account or a trialaccount use the following server adress:
> When you are using a flatfee account, use the following server adress:

Note: You must at all times use a username and password:

> Username: Your Cheapnews username.
> Password: Your Cheapnews password.

You can find your Username and Password in the Cheapnews activation e-mail.

How many connections can I use?

Cheapnews gives you the possibility to use 12 connections for your Block account. For Flat fee accounts the maximum connections depends on your package type. In your control panel you can see which package you have. Then you can see on our product list how many connections are available for that package.

I'm getting the message ‘exceeding maximum number of connecties’, what now?

Most probably you receive this message because your newsclient did not disconnect a connection properly. When a new connection gets created it notices that it's already connected and refuses you to connect.

I'm getting the message ‘502 authentication error’, what now?

This message generally means that the username or password is incorrect. You need to verify your information and re-enter it in your news client.

Through your control panel you can modify this information. If your credentials are correct, the problem is often that you have opened too many simultaneously connections then your package allows.

If your news client opened too many connections or more than available in your account, you can get this message. The solution is that you should lower the number of connections.

portnumber can I use?

  You can use the standard port 119. If this does not work with your Internet connection, you can use port 583. Cheapnews also offers the option to use SSL (secure socket layer). To use SSL you need to use the port 563 or 443. 

Can I use my Cheapnews account from multiple pc’s/ip adresses?

A Cheapnews account will be assigned to one user, accountsharing is possible! But your Cheapnews account can't be used simultaneous with full connections, however simultaneous sharing is possible. For example: You have a account/package with 12 connections; Client 1: can use 6 connections and Client 2: 6 connections. This way you are able to download simultaneous from 1 Cheapnews Usenet Account

I changed my password but can't login to Cheapnews Usenet, What now?

Our system does save your new password almost always immediately, but sometimes it may take longer, with a maximum of 15 minutes. Try 15 minutes after changing your account credentials.

Automatically renew (subscription service)

Most of our products are based on prepayment (pre paid). When you have ordered an prepaid account, it will end automatically after you consumed it or the end date has been passed. Your account does not automatically renew. When you have selected 'Automatically renew product (subscription service)', your account will automatically be renewed at the end of each term, repeating the length of the previous service period, but please keep in mind if you have selected 24 months subscription, this will be again repeated with 24 months unless you specify otherwise. You can cancel your subscription only by submitting the cancellation button in our member panel.

Multiple accounts or subscriptions

At Cheapnews, you can create multiple accounts. You can also stack block accounts or take out multiple subscriptions or stack them. This way, you can easily purchase a block account and top it up. You can also stack subscriptions or take out several. If you have multiple accounts or subscriptions, it is advisable to cancel them separately as you have taken them out.


Spotnet users can use the login information as can be founded in the welcome email. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have spotnet questions please feel free to search on their special forum: Spotnet Forum.

Cheapnews has a Binary Usenet retention of 2000 days!
Our header retention is currently about 300-450 days.