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Getting started with your Cheapnews account

Start now my Cheapnews usenet account

Do you have a Cheapnews account, but don't know how it works?
Read in 3 simple steps how you can use our services.

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This tutorial takes about 5 minutes

Note: Cheapnews respects the copyrights of everyone. Use Cheapnews carefully and be sure you don't download data wich is protected by copyright.


Step 1: Download and configure a newsclient

Once you have received your login information and your account is activated you need a program / news client, and configure it to get access the Cheapnews platform.

We recommend one of these Newsclients:

> Newsbin Pro | download
> Grabit | download
> Newsleecher | download

Want a list with all info and benefits? Check out the following detailed information about newsreaders here!

Once you've downloaded a news client you must install it, during the installation you must provide some information like serveradres.
Use one of the following data!

Package Server adres
Trial account block.cheapnews.eu
Block account block.cheapnews.eu
Flatfee account news.cheapnews.eu

The 2nd thing you need to provide during a news client installation is that it is a secure / paid account! So with username and password.
After you apply for a free trial account, or a block-paid, flat-fee account, you will receive a welcome email containing the user data.

Fill in the username and password during the installation, copy it exactly from the welcome email. 
Note that the username and passwords are case-sensitive!

Step 2: Newsgroups

Want to search for newsgroups and more? With the above programs you will be able to go browsing through newsgroups using the search button in the program.

When your news client has been installed and configured, you will be able to browse through your favorite news group.


Step 3: Download and unpack/unzip

Once you have downloaded something, you have to unpack it. The latest generation of news clients support this functionality. If you have an older version, you can extract the files with winrar or winzip.


Learn more?

Want a full explanation of news clients with manuals? From A-to-Z how everything works?
Check out  the following website: http://www.binaries4all.com/beginners/

Cheapnews is not responsible for the use of a newsclient