About us

Cheapnews started in 2009 with offering Usenet, or newsgroups. Cheapnews offers great quality and access to the usenet platform. Cheapnews offer Usenet over a stable and robust platform. Cheapnews offers you access to thousands of newsgroups and the possibility to download with a high-speed connection trough our network.

Cheapnews respects the law and copyright. We ask our customers to respect also the law and copyright. When you use Usenet, there are some important rules. Take a pitstop at our Terms and Conditions. Read them carefully and apply the rules. We deliver our services according to Netiquette.

Our network

Cheap News is one of the fastest usenet providers worldwide and has a very reliable and fast network. Our retention is now almost 1300 days (!)
Our network is redundant and is directly connected to the main Internet hubs including AMS-IX, NL-IX, GN-IX and many more!. These links and peering with other networks, offers us quickly access to Usenet.


Want to know more about our network or are you interested in our white-label reseller partnership? Contact our Sales department!

Pay online quickly and securely

If you have a usenet account ordered at Cheapnews you can pay online. Online payments gives you access within 5 minutes to your usenet account and start easily downloading files.

Cheapnews offers you the possibility to pay online securely through iDEAL (Dutch bank) and fast and secure with PaySafeCard (WorldWide), more info about PaySafeCard is right here

More payment methods will be soon available!

10 reasons: Why Cheapnews Usenet?

There are many usenet providers. Why would you choose for Cheapnews? Find our whythe 10 main reasons.

Speed, Highspeed!

Cheapnews has one of the fastest networks in the world. With multiple backbones and connections to all major networking vendors offers Cheapnews you the fastest connections to your favorite newsgroup (s).

Cheapnews currently provides 1300 days retention! We are growing to 1300 days.

Cheapnews knows their customers and always takes the view from the customers perspective. Flesibility is important, we offer a easy-to-use control panel. In our control panel you can manage your Cheapnews account. If a package is not good enough, you can easily upgrade your package. Cheapnews gives you the best advice; So your account is to much?! No problem, we offer a different account.


Cheapnews provides not only a fast network, but also a very reliable and robust network. We always see that more customers switch to us, because the current Usenet Provider has not a reliable network or the felxibility. Cheapnews has a trustworthy network of reliable equipment and therefore offer perfect completeness!


Cheapnews offers complete Usenet, so complete articles. Cheapnews has a very big network and reliable partners. Cheapnews maintains a 99% completion rate for our newsgroups. In other words: when you are browsing your favorite newsgroup, all the articles will be there!

If you have a question or a problem you can always contact us. We offer excellent support and have professional support team. No matter what the situation, our support staff can guide and assist with solutions that fit your specific Usenet needs.

Our uncensored newsgroups service provides usenet access to 108,000 newsgroups.

Cheapnews offers a personalized account, this means that those who has acces to your control panel also has access to your usenet account. So we keep it safe for you and us. Cheapnews also offers 256 Bit SSL connection, so you can assure yourself of being protected from Identity Theft or Privacy breach while accessing the thousands of uncensored newsgroups that Cheapnews Usenet access provides.

Cheap News respects privacy of others and yours. We will never share your information with outside parties or track your downloads (unless required by law).

Cheapnews offers Usenet very cheap! We know that the price must be good, so we offer our products cheaper than the most Usenet Providers.

How do we do it?

We can offer these prices because we have made good arrangements with our suppliers. We don't have an expensive investment in call centers etctera. You get high quality Usenet from a Cheapnews, and we offer it very cheap.

What is Usenet

Usenet is late 70 years developed for the exchange of messages. Initially this was meant for discussion, so larger groups together about subjects could exchange their views. Today we know this as text groups, later it expanded to include other documents to exchange. Documents, photos, videos similar equipment are binaries.

The messages are distributed through thousands of Usenet servers (feeders) all over the world together in contact.

This is the News, Network, Transport, protocol (NNTP). On www.top1000.org is an overview of some of these servers to find their position in the contribution of spreading news in the world.

Providers with a Usenet Service, catch these messages and post them on servers (called: spoolers). As more and new messages are exchanged, the spoolers become full and to make room, the oldest items will be deleted.

What is retention?

Depending on how much storage a provider has, the articles has a time when they are retrievable. This time is also called retention. A retention of 10 days, implies that an article that was posted 10 days ago is still retrievable, but one article of 11 days old is not retrievable.

Cheapnews has a retention of 1300 days, growing to 2000days!

In order to retrieve items, the user need a news client to contact them with the readers (servers that can retrieve items from the spooler).

Here a list of the most popular news clients:

Newsbin Pro

What is NZB?
NZB files are a new method to download a lot more efficient. When you download a file, the headers will be retrieved first, their could be a delay in this work, especially when you downloading a larger file.

An NZB file are collections of Message ID's grouped in one file. This can be directly imported into your favorite news client and you can download instantly !